Our Theory of Change

One day, Hawaiʻi will have a robust ecosystem to develop a community of entrepreneurs. We started SIIP with the intention to fill three gaps in the current innovation ecosystem in Hawaiʻi:

Space for pre-seed stage entrepreneurs:

Although there’s awesome VC/accelerator firms for later-stage startups--FoundHer, Elemental Excelerator, Blue Startups--right now there’s not a supportive program for our earliest stage entrepreneurs.

Developing the human part of entrepreneurship:

We believe in focusing  on the “social-emotional” skills and mindsets, or as we call it, the human part of entrepreneurship. Our continued belief is that if we develop the whole entrepreneur, it will develop a stronger network of entrepreneurs and thus develop a stronger and more resilient local ecosystem.

Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of teachers:

Teachers are some of our most active entrepreneurs in the way they have to innovate in the classroom. We believe that this is an important, yet untapped talent pool.